Wednesday, November 27, 2013


I was up extra early this morning on one of my precious days off. I was out of bed at 5:15 to hit the gym before a six hour car ride. We are having Thanksgiving with my mom's side of the family this year, so we were headed out to my grandma's this morning.

After my run, I lifted for about 45 minutes before finishing up with another mile run. The treadmill stopped on me at 1.16 miles and I took it as a sign that it was time to go home.

I showered and grabbed my stuff and we were on our way by 8:15. I would have gone stir crazy had I not exercised. I cannot sit still anymore. It kills me. I also had a breakfast of champions.

My gym has begun selling Quest Bars, so I got a few to try. I think I'm a believer. I are a half of one and I was full until we stopped for a real breakfast about three hours later.

I dream of this omelette at night. It has almost every kind of veggie you can imagine. I was so excited to stop and eat. Also, more coffee. 

Moe was the best traveler and I honestly almost forgot he was there. He made himself right at home when we got to Grandma's house.

My brother was visiting friends in Berkeley, so he came here last night and waited for us all day. He was sweet and set up my grandma's Christmas decorations for her. My mom and I were sick of sitting and my grandma needed some last minute stuff at the store. There's a store about 3 blocks from her house that we walk to literally every time we visit. It's not a trip here without a walk to the store.

After dinner, we got back in the car for a very important reason.

It's also not a trip to grandma's without a visit to the froyo place. We didn't used to have one where I live, so it was always a special trip. Now we have plenty where I live, but I very rarely go. Bad blogger alert.

You may notice a lack of a certain boyfriend. This is the month of being thankful (although every month should be) and I am thankful for my first responder. He worked yesterday, today, all day Thanksgiving, and Friday. He has worked every single holiday that we have been together, including the not important ones like Halloween and Valentine's Day. It's really hard not having him around as he is my family, but we will have our own Thanksgiving when he gets off work. I'm just glad there are people out there willing to save my life on any day of the year.

Happy happy happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Also, happy Hanukah to those who celebrate. My step mother and sisters do!


  1. I love a good workout before traveling!

  2. Loved this post so much!
    Tell your bf that we are thankful for him out there saving lives on these amazing holidays! Much love!
    Also, I think Gunshow will really like you as much as I like you...he freakin' loves QUEST BARS!!!!!!
    This just means we were meant to be and really need to come to Cali :) oxoxox