Sunday, November 10, 2013

My Saturday

I have an actual 2 day weekend this weekend! Today has been my Saturday and it has been lovely. I feel so much more relaxed than I have in several months.

On Friday, boyfriend and I did our usual trip to Costco. He bought me an awesome jacket. I am trying to build up my professional wardrobe since I have mostly jeans and gym clothes.

My mom also forced him into doing a science experiment for her class. They made cookie dough and had it sit in their fridge for two days, then made fresh cookie dough and cooked both. They did blind taste tests. Boyfriend's arm had to be twisted.

The most exciting thing that happened this weekend was Milo returned home. My heart doesn't feel quite complete when he's at his daddy's house.

After school on Saturday, we took the dogs to the beach. I think the dog thing is getting out of hand.

Milo has never been known for being very social. He's incredibly awkward around new dogs and the puppy terrifies him. At te beach, however, he decided he wanted to play. It was the cutest/most awkward thing ever.

Later, we were invited to my good friend's house for dinner. We have become really close through school and we sit next to each other every day. We decided to have stirfry and then go bowling.

What she regretted to inform me was that her mom was a bowling instructor and that she went bowling every Saturday morning for 10 years. She even had her own bowling ball. So she walked up and proceeded to make 3 strikes in a row.

I bowled a 78. You all should probably look for me in the pros soon. But I really had a great time. We are so similar and her husband is hilarious.

Today was a normal Sunday, even though it felt like Saturday. Brunch with boyfriend's mom.

Then a 10 mile run. 

I had charged my Garmin this morning fully intending on running outside because it was gorgeous, but we got home super late and it would have been dark by the time I was done. So, I chose the gym treadmill. The run was awful. No sugar coating it. I wanted to quit after 10 minutes. But my willpower kicked in and it kept chugging along. I felt tired and sluggish. Not all runs can be amazing. Luckily I got to spend time with this little one afterward.

Sunday dinner has been moved to tomorrow since my step mom was out of town, so we went to my sister's house instead and played with babies. It was a great way to end my Saturday. Now I am going to fall asleep and not wake up until I have to! 


  1. I hope you have a fabulous day off!
    I love bowling. I suck at it but love it! :)

  2. I'm impressed with your 78. I'm lucky if I break 60 haha!

  3. I make a point of not looking at the score when I bowl. It's bad. Reeeal bad. I'm so glad you finally got a real weekend!