Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Staying Positive

Today did not go as planned. Not even a little bit. I was supposed to go to my new student teacher placement to observe before my first day. I had to be there at 8. It's a 35 minute drive. I was in my car at 7:20, well on my way to being early. I turn the key. Nothing happened. I turned it again. Nothing. My car wouldn't start.

I had a minor panic attack. I called my dad and started freaking out on the phone. He said he would come over and I could use his car but that I would be late. I'm never late. As I waited for him, I opened the engine, as if I knew anything about car engines and tried to check my oil. I cut my finger really deeply in the process. 

Sometime between the small amount of tears I shed about being late and the tears I shed about cutting myself, I had a shift in mood. Somehow, I told myself that if this was the worst thing that happened to me all day, then if had a really good life. Somehow, I went from being completely negative to completely positive.

This is a new thing for me, this trying to stay positive when negative things happen. Having a positive attitude helps in so many areas of our lives. If I had gone into that car shop yelling and screaming about my starter not working, the people wouldn't have been as nice. If I had called my new mentor teacher in tears, she would have gotten a horrible impression of me.

Instead, the people at the car shop fixed my battery and said they would try to extend my warranty on my starter since they replaced it not even 2 years ago. My new mentor teacher gladly rescheduled for next week. I got to work a little late and it was happy to be there.

There is so much that can be changed by just having a positive attitude. There are so many runs that I would never have started had I gone into them with negativity. There are so many lifting PRs I never would have gotten had I thought the number was too high and I would never be able to lift it off the ground.

Changing our mindset can not only change our personal world, but the world around us. People enjoy being around positive people. People like people who are happy. I am really trying, and today was a good test.


  1. It takes real power to stop yourself in your tracks and change your mindset. This is so inspirational to read! I've been in a negative place regarding certain things lately; today I really set my mind on being positive, and it's amazing how more positivity comes along when you set your mind on looking at things in a good light! Thanks for this post!!

  2. You, my dear, have a terrific outlook. I'm impressed. I want to be like you when I grow up. :)

  3. Seriously we are meant to be friends. I think we are soul mates.
    It has taken me years to become a positive person but I think the same way you do.
    If something bad happens in the beginning of my day, I try to stay positive because I know that I am still alive. I know there are better things to come and life is too precious. Why spend the rest of our day focused on one bad thing??

    You are awesome Rachel! Keep spreading the love <3