Saturday, November 23, 2013

Nine Whole Days

Today is my first real day off since September. The stretch between Labor Day and Thanksgiving is the longest one without a break in the school year. I thought this week would never come. But it did. It is actually really bittersweet because I had to say goodbye to my school family yet again. I start at my new placement the Monday after Thanksgiving.

I told myself I would give myself one entire day where I didn't worry about homework and then work on assignments a little each day after today. And that's exactly what I did. Our day started off at the beach.

It's been seriously gorgeous outside. Freezing in the mornings and evenings, but in the high 60s I the afternoons. I don't know what's going on, but I'm not complaining. So boyfriend decided to drop the crabpot and see what he could get us for dinner.

Malcom and I hung out on the beach while he paddled out to sea.

We came home, had breakfast, and then my mom, boyfriend, and I headed out to the last Farmer's Market of the year. We were planning on hiking afterward, so we took the dogs. Milo had car issues, but Malcom clearly does not.

We wandered around the market picking up veggies to go with our crab. My phone said it was 70 degrees outside and I was wearing a tank top. A tank top. In November. I don't know where I am anymore.

Our plans to hike didn't happen because boyfriend realized it was time to go get the crabpot. I worked out to a video instead. It was all lower body intervals and I thought my legs were going to fall off my the end of it. Boyfriend returned with dinner shortly after I was done. Funny how that worked out.

I decided on the island this summer that I don't like live crab. I especially don't like live crab crawling around in the bottom of the boat by my feet. They are basically water spiders and so gross when they crawl around.

They are so much better when they're cooked and the meat is in my mouth. Out dinner tonight was almost 100% local. The only part that wasn't local was the Parmesan cheese that was on the veggies. The rest came from the bay, local farms, and our own garden.

It was a very delicious meal. I followed it up with applesauce made with apples from our trees and chocolate chips. I don't go a day without chocolate. Now I am about to read in bed, like every other 25-year-old does on a Saturday night. Oh wait. That's not normal? That's why tey call me grandma.

It's been a very great, much needed, completely homework free day off. I will be back at it tomorrow.


  1. YAY for your first day off! I hope you enjoy your break!! It is so sad that your first placement is over but here is to next chapter in your journey!!!!!! :)
    Enjoy your weekend!!!

  2. You certainly know how to use your time off to its fullest!