Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Our First Day Back

Today was the day teachers had to report to their classrooms. I got lucky, because the district that all of my friends work for had to go back yesterday. I felt kind of silly sitting around in my pjs while my friends were working. But I also felt kind of great at the same time.

For my last day off, I spent it with some of my favorites. I hung out with my sitter for a bit before she went off to an interview. I got to babysit my love bug for an hour. Then I hit up the gym before meeting a friend for a slow run.

I mean, I can't say I hate running here.

It is pretty magical every time I go in the redwoods and I grew up here.

Today, I spent 7 hours setting up my classroom. Of course, the most important things went up first.

After work, I hit up the gym for some leg work before hitting the beach for a run. The day was pretty much absolutely perfect. It was completely clear, which rarely happens at our beaches.

I've been dealing with quite a bit of anxiety over a lot of different things, and being at the beach for an hour and a half really helped melt that away. At least in the moment.

Tomorrow, our aides come back. We get another full day in the classroom. I feel so lucky because all of my friends have been in trainings and meetings. I'm feeling pretty ready for the first day of school on Monday!


  1. Have a great first day back! I can't believe summer vacation is almost over. :( I'm going to miss hanging out in my

  2. Love your sweatshirt!! ;) I am back to work too, setting up my classroom. Each year, I put less stuff away and take less stuff down at the end of the year, so it seriously only took like a 45 minutes to get my classroom APPEARING to be ready. Then of course getting the stuff ready you can't see is harder... So far, I have to do some more lesson plans and then I think I'm ready for the kids on Mon! We had in service Tues, Wed, off today, then in service Fri. I am LOVING today. I'm in my pjs with Jelly on my lap, acting like it's still summer. The places you run are GORGEOUS. I know I say that all the time....

  3. I never really undo my classroom, even though the "rules" say to. I'm lazy, and no one cares, so whatever.

    Every time I look at your running pictures, they just solidify that I need to come to CA and run with you.

  4. I am so excited for you and your classroom! I can't wait to hear all about it!!! :) :)
    Love the pictures from your runs!!

  5. That outfit is seriously hot. haha. Where you live looks so beautiful! It's been over 90 degrees and super humid here. I don't step outside unless I have to!

  6. I swear I would never have running burnout if I had that kind of park to run through. GORGEOUS. enjoy being back at school!!!

  7. I saw there was a quake, just checking in on you my dear!