Sunday, August 3, 2014

An Outdoorsy Weekend

I don't have many pictures for this post because I spent the majority of the week out outside without my phone. Yes, I am a great blogger who doesn't have a camera a simply uses her iPhone. Or steals pictures from her mother.

We spent all day yesterday in the river because it was well over 100 degrees. I don't usually spend an excessive amount of time swimming in the river because it's freezing, but this weekend it felt amazing. We messed around in the rapids and I got a pretty good workout in by swimming up stream. We went for a sunset hike and the ladies found a group of wild beasts at the top.

Today, when I came home, I was in quite the funky mood. One would assume a night of camping would make me feel amazing, but I think I was coming down from the high of being in nature and I sat around for way too long before heading out for my run. The first half was on pavement. The second half, well...

Yep. Another beach run. That I slogged through yet again. Something is going on with the sand right now and it's not getting packed down, so every step you take you end up sinking about an inch.

Maybe it would have helped to run barefoot like that guy?  I got in a total of 9.5 miles. A shorter run than the last few weeks. But I'm needing to cut back on the running for at least a week. My body feels tired. I mean, maybe it's because I'm doing double time in the sand lately.

Then it was dinner time with the father, of course. Little Z is turning ONE in two weeks. Ummmm. What?!? Where did the year go?!?! I am having difficulty accepting this fact. 

I will leave you with a gem. When my dad and step mom got married in 1998, they took us all to Maui for their honeymoon. Yes, we were very lucky children. But this framed picture came out at dinner and I can't help but share it because it made me laugh so hard I cried. I needed that today.

What are your plans for the week?


  1. Yaye! I can comment again! I've been reading for months but at work I couldn't log in to comment or it would make me comment with my work email.
    Running in the sand is hard! I think I've only tried once but man oh man. I really need to get out side more. It's been 100 plus degrees there the past couple weeks but I should get out and do something with the kids soon!

  2. Hey I'm that 'phone picture' blogger too! Yay! The only good photos I ever get are from others at races or recently from my

  3. I'm also an iPhone-only photographer. I don't even own a real camera. So I steal pictures from other people or use memes to express my thoughts. Winning. :)

  4. Looks like another fabulous weekend! How lucky you were able to go to Maui on their honeymoon! That is super sweet!

  5. Sometimes you just need to leave the phone behind and enjoy the outdoors :)