Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Long Runs Are More Fun With Someone

Sunday, as always, was RUNday. This time, however, I had convinced my marathon running friend to run with me. I didn't know exactly how long we would go, but anything over an hour would be fine. After we both digested breakfast, we hit the road during the heat of the day for a VERY hot run.

We are both pretty smart runners and didn't bring any water with us. We followed the course of a previous race we've both run (a 10 miler that one of us may or may not have WON). But we were not paying any sort of attention and sort of forgot the course. We accidentally tacked on another mile. During the last mile, I was forced to run up a hill into a headwind. I may have used a few bad words and threatened death. All that was said in return was, "You'll thank me when you PR." I hate it when other people are right! ;-) It was SO much better running with someone for an hour and a half. It hardly felt like running for most of it. I guzzled about 3 gallons of water and refueled with peanut butter. 

The healthiest kind of peanut butter, obviously. Afterward, I got to listen to a tuba recital. My friend had recently gotten his tuba out of storage and the lady that he's been living with requested a song. She quickly decided she had made a bad choice and yelled at me when I began clapping at the end of a song. She said, "Don't clap!!! He will think we want an encore!!" I was crying from laughing so hard. The tuba is not meant to be played as a solo instrument.

Yesterday, I was alone for my run. I broke it into three 20 minute sessions with weight circuits in between. I accidentally ran 7.5 miles, but it felt really great. Then I did what every person loves to do and washed my car before meeting with some friends for coffee. We sat and talked for four hours, but it felt like 10 minutes! I guess that's how you know you have good friends.

I also decided to maybe start prepping for school, since I have to report back next week. 

Today, I met some more friends for breakfast and unlimited amounts of coffee. Then we shopped for teacher clothes. I spent my money wisely on two pairs of jeans. A few hours and a nap later, this one came over for awhile.

Her mom was having dinner with some former classmates, so I got to spend 3 hours with her. She's going to be ONE on Friday and I am having a hard time with this.

My mom was a big help too. She read to her and then turned on the music for a living room dance party. It was pretty fun.

I can't believe I only have one week left of freedom. I will be spending as much time as possible outside!

When does school start for you??


  1. September 3rd!!! :( I already miss summer vacation. ;)

    Great job with that headiwnd and hill!!! I love how you used the 'healthy' PB! We buy a healthy kind and of course the guilty pleasure kind. I sometimes eat the latter from the jar with a spoon!

  2. You are rockin' your runs!!! I love random dance parties in the living room - my favorite thing ever :)

  3. Ugh, I couldn't run 11 miles without water!!! You're insane haha!

    I just got all new posters for my room. It seemed like it was time. I've been using the same since I first started teaching!

  4. School for the teachers starts Tues. Auuuuugh I don't wannaaaaaa!!!!!!

  5. Are you looking at a certain race for that PR for which you'll thank your buddy? Enjoy your last week off. Our kiddos were back today!