Friday, August 15, 2014

A Whole Year?!?!

A year ago from this very moment, my niece was born into this world.

It honestly feels like it was yesterday that I spent the entire day waiting around for her to make her appearance, and yet, it feels like forever ago.  It has been so amazing watching her grow and change.  I did not realize I could love another being as much as I love her.  

Looking back, I've been trying to remember what I've accomplished in the year that she has spent growing into a toddler.  I was about to embark on my journey to become a Special Education teacher.  I finished my program and received not one, but TWO job offers.  I ran and PR'd in my second half marathon.  I chose to do what was absolutely the best decision for me and became single again.  I have met new people who have ultimately taught me that it's okay to slow down go with the flow.  I've spent many hours out in nature.  I've managed to make it through several really hard runs which ultimately have taught me to make it through some really hard days.  I've laughed so hard I've cried.  I've cried so hard I've laughed.  This year has been as much about growing and learning for me as it has for baby Z.

Many of my very favorite moments this year have been with her and I know many of my favorite moments are yet to come.  Her birthday party is tomorrow and I can't wait to celebrate with her!  Right after I run my third half marathon, of course.

What have you accomplished this year?


  1. You are so sneaky! You always tell us the day before your race that you are actually running a race! Good luck and I can't wait to hear about it!! Happy Birthday to your niece! I hope you and your family have an amazing day!! :)

  2. Your niece is adorable. Good luck tomorrow!

  3. You sure have accomplished some milestones this past year. Finishing your program, getting a job, knowing in your heart that you needed to move on from your relationship... Your determination and strength are an inspiration! Good luck on your half. ;)

  4. Happy Birthday to your cute niece!!! I want to hear all about your half! I bet you were speedy gonzalez!