Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Well, my first week as a teacher is halfway through. I made it over the hump! I am feeling pretty good about my first week. Thank you all for sharing with me that nerves are totally normal! I love my blog buddies. My mom is the cutest. Apparently I'm never too old for back-to-school notes.

That started my day off on the right foot. It also helps that my aide and I get along really well. We have the same sense of humor and in the situation we are in, we have to keep the humor going. I also have been very scientifically tracking my stress levels. It's incredibly accurate, actually.

Tense, anxious, and stressed sounds about right. Today, the weather was so nice, I got into my running clothes and took off from work. I needed to breathe the fresh air.

Nothing de-stresses me quite like these trees.

It was wonderful just running through the woods by myself. I was alone with my thoughts. And I actually got home before the sun went down today.

How has everyone's week been so far??


  1. I got nervous reading this post! I go back to school on Sept. 2 and the kids come on the 3rd. Your mom's note is super cute!

  2. Speedy Speedy. You should have taken a picture of your first day before you left lol. In front of the front door. I'm glad youre feeling better about everything!

  3. Your mom's note is so sweet. :) Paul wrote me a note one time when we were dating. I have it taped to my computer tower on my desk at work. It said, "Good mornin' hun, your smile shines bright like the sun, good luck with those kids on Day 1." Haha he even knew what cycle day it was. HE LISTENS!

  4. Love the note from your mom! I am sure you are having an awesome week! I am so happy that you are have your classroom! You are rockin' it!!! :)

  5. I'm so happy your week was going well!! I hope the end of the week was just as good! Week one is hard!