Sunday, June 22, 2014

What a Weekend

Wow! My first week of vacation is officially over! How does this seem to happen every vacation??? It really flies by when you have a bachelorette party, rehearsal for a wedding, and then an actual wedding to attend.

Thursday was the bachelorette party. It was very low key with just a few girls. We had a sleep over and played typical bachelorette party games.

There was lots of laughing and story-telling, and we were in bed by 12. Exactly what the bride wanted. Friday, I fed them all breakfast (yogurt bar) and then we went our separate ways until it was time to meet up at the venue for the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.

It was also my sister's birthday on Friday. The bride and groom were incredibly thoughtful and got her favorite 7 lb chocolate cake for dessert. We all sing her happy birthday.

The girls were in charge of making their own bouquets. I thought this was extremely brave of the bride since none of us knew what we were doing. But it was fun and I feel like they all turned out beautifully.

Saturday started early. I was on baby patrol for most of the morning, which is just the kind of patrol I like to be on.

The bride got started at 9:30 and we thought that she should have just kept her hair like this.

My friend/hairdresser showed up and it was finally time to get gussied up.

The morning was super low-key. Everyone was is great spirits and we looked pretty good when all was said and done.

I was in charge of taking the bride to the "first look" photo shoot. I was wonderful having a few moments alone with her on a day where we don't usually get to spend much time with the bride.

Then it was the bridal party's turn to get their pictures taken. I experienced hiking the woods in formal wear, which is now something I can cross off my bucket list.

The ceremony was gorgeous. It was underneath the redwoods. I can't wait to see pictures. The reception was also quite fun. You can tell the bride and groom really, truly love each other.

They played my jam at the flower toss, which made my night.

My sister and I had the crowd in stitches when we gave our speech. I hate public speaking, so I am glad they all enjoyed it.

Of course, the bridal party did not fail on their job to decorate the get away car.

The best part of the night, of course, was the dancing. There were several times when I was one of two people on the dance floor. Typical. My brother-in-law was usually the second person.

After all of that partying, I needed a low-key day. Luckily, that's exactly what I got today. I ran 10.5 miles and then sat down to watch a very important soccer game.

We were very torn in our family since we are Portuguese. I didn't know who to root for, so I went with both.

Just kidding. Of course I was rooting for the US. And let's be honest, I was there for the food and the end of the game where they take their shirts off. ;-) We also celebrated my sister's birthday since we didn't get the chance to on Friday.

Now I am fully planning on sitting in my bed for the rest of the evening. This weekend wore me out.

Did you watch the USA game? How about that very last play!?!?!


  1. You look fab!!! What a fun weekend you had! I love that dancing photo :D

  2. I wish I could have heard your speech, I bet it was hilarious. :) Love the shoes you went hiking in. A wedding under the redwoods would be sooooo gorgeous. Hey I have sort of a travel question for you since I think you live in northern california. Can you tell me like 1-2 MUST SEE PLACES in Northern Cali and Oregon? Northern cali as in, no further south than 45 minutes above San Fran.

  3. Bonus points for using the word "gussied." :) Your friend's dress was stunning, and I love the picture of you dancing! Looks like the whole weekend was a ton of fun!

  4. Ooh I love that you all made your own bouquets, and yours is sooo pretty! I love seeing bloggers all dolled up. It's fun to see what we look like out of our usual workout clothes!