Sunday, June 15, 2014

Father's Day Weekend

Father's Day weekend always starts off my summer. This is usually because school gets out the week before, which means this is the weekend I am finally free. It is also because the weather is usually stunning. This happened on Saturday afternoon and I took it as a good sign.

The Saturday before Father's Day, there is always a huge celebration called The Oyster Fest. This is exactly what it sounds like. People drink beer and eat oysters. Resturaunts from all over the county compete to have the best oysters in all the land and the entire county comes out to play.

My niece got to enjoy her first festival. She's TEN months today!!!

I got to spend some time in the sun with some really good people.

The baby got to play with grass.

It was so nice to relax all afternoon in the sunshine listening to live music. And dancing, of course.

Today was all about celebrating the best dad on the planet.

He is the one from whom I got the running gene. He has also taught me the value of a good work ethic and that you will get much farther in life if you choose to be nice to people. My dad is an amazing man. We started out with breakfast.

Even though we were supposed to be celebrating him, this was the true star of the morning. I mean, really?! Look at this face!

My dad had to Tweet his breakfast, of course. His followers would've been very upset. It's a little sad that my 67-year-old dad has a Twitter and I don't.

Then my dad wanted to go see a movie. When I got home, I did my dad right and went for a run.

I'm convinced my shoes are magical and that I need to get 90 more pairs immediately. They make me run fast and really well. It may just be my state of mind though. 

I made sure to get a sweaty selfie because it's been a long time and I feel you guys deserve it.

My night ended the best way possible, with a sushi party at my sister's house.

We also lit her Christmas tree on fire in the back yard. Yes. Six months later.

The fire got a little out of control.

So I went inside and spent more quality time with my favorite man on this earth.

I am so incredibly thankful that I have such a kindhearted, wonderful, amazing man in my life to call my dad. He's been there for me in every big, life-changing event in my life and really helped me make the last big decision I had to make--- which job to take. He's also there for the small moments too, and that's just as important.

Do you have magical running shoes?


  1. Looks like it was a wonderful Father's Day weekend! Happy beginning of SUMMER!!! :)

  2. Seriously, get a Twitter. I always want to tweet things to you but I can't.

  3. How is your niece already 10 months old?!

    Sounds like the perfect father's day...Your awesome dad totally deserved it!