Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Halfway Through December

When you get asked twice in one day by two different people why you haven't updated your blog in awhile, I think that means it's time to update the blog. I just haven't felt like blogging at all. I've been doing things like reading before bed or simply falling asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow because I'm so tired.

I seriously cannot believe that it is December already. I'm usually a huge fan of this month. I mean, my birthday is a week from today and Christmas is single digits away now! But this year, I haven't been able to get into the spirit.

My mom and I got our tree. We usually take approximately 20 seconds to pick one out and this year was no different. It still felt like I was faking it and it should be July.

I was kind enough to put my favorite ornament and my brother's ornament on the tree at the same time this year. We usually have an all out brawl to see who can get the first ornament on the tree. I usually win.

I also decorated gingerbread houses last weekend.

As much fun as I had, I still felt like I was faking my way through the season.

I also have a slight case of OCD and it took me three hours to complete my house. I think that may be a record.

California has finally decided to bless us with rain. Lots of it. Pretty much never-ending rainfall. Which is really good and when the sun does decide peek out, we get to see views like this.

Finally, in running news, I raced a 4-miler on Sunday. 

It is an out and back in a town about 25 minutes north of my town. The first half is downhill, which means the way back is uphill. I came in at 27:56, just under a seven minute pace. Third woman overall, first in my age division (because my competition didn't run). I completely died on the uphill part and let a woman pass me,.  This just means I need to run more hills. Yay... I also did a mile and a half warm up and then a 2 mile cool down. 

Yesterday, my friend and I headed out for a seven miler. About 10 minutes in, it started pouring on us. I didn't stop, and only got worse. Then, we turned a corner and got the coldest headwind. I was drenched and freezing when I got back, but I felt really alive the entire run.  I think the hard runs make me feel even more of an endorphin rush!

My friend's marathon was a week and a half ago. He finished in 2:38! Yeah. He's fast. But I made him this before he went down. I was pretty proud of it.

Other than that, I've just been working, eating, and sleeping. Occasionally (okay, every weekend) I go out on the town to dance and unwind with my favorite friend.

Tell me about your December!


  1. I'm hearing so many people say that they cannot get into the spirit this year. I'm thinking around my area it's because of a lack of snow??? Great job on your run! You are so fast!!!

  2. I'm in the spirit but I'm so exhausted that I haven't decorated yet. We have our tree up but that's it. Awesome run you little speedy you! I wish I lived close to you, I need a night on the town.

  3. OMG that gingerbread house is marvelous. Did you eat it?! Do most people eat them? (I've never made one.)

    I can't believe December is here either. Where did the year go?! Not to mention this school year! It's flying by!!

  4. I can't believe 2015 is less than 2 weeks away! CRAZZZZZY!!!!!!
    Usually I don't get into the holiday spirit until after Thanksgiving but this year I wanted to put my tree up after Halloween! Luckily, the cheer is still in full swing, I might actually be sad when the 26th rolls around. But I think the reason may be because this is the last Christmas in our apartment (we are moving soon!)! Hope you have an awesome rest of December! Your birthday is Tuesday!!!! :)

  5. I appreciate how tired you are! I feel the same way. I was kind of a scrooge at school this year. I mean, I loved going home to my beautifully decorated house, but I was just NOT in the mood to be all "Christmassy" with the kids at school. I am pretty stressed about my husband when I am at work (worried about him home alone) so I know that is part of it. Still feel guilty, though!

    I hope you are on winter break by now! Our last day was today and I taught my last piano lesson about an hour ago. Now I'm drinking a margarita. I don't mess around. :)