Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Best Vitamin

This weekend marked the last Saturday class ever. It is such an amazing, strange feeling. This Thursday will be our last Thursday class which means we will only have class on Tuesdays and Fridays. It's crazy that everything is coming to an end already! So boyfriend and I celebrated the best way we know how.

A trip to Costco.

I also stopped by the gym where I did a speed workout on the treadmill and then did a Crossfit style circuit workout for time with my friend.

After a nap, I headed down to Art's Alive to celebrate our class completion with some of my ladies. We wandered around for about two hours before refueling with some appetizers. I got the baby cabbages, of course, because I have an obsession.

This morning my obsession was fueled even further when Boyfriend's mom told me she had bought a bag of Brussels just for me. 

I just love them. Then, Boyfriend got suckered into mowing the lawn. It was gorgeous out. Probably about 65 and no wind. So, I stripped down to my tank top and laid in the sun for approximately two hours. Vitamin D is the best vitamin.

This was not today.  But it could've been.

Since it was so lovely, I knew I would be doing most of my run outside. I didn't have time to finish it all outside and still be back inside for dinner, so I set out. My Garmin wasn't charged and I couldn't find the charger, so I had to use RunKeeper. I sped through the first 7.6 miles at a really fast pace. I was feeling angry and upset about a few things, so I think that helped. Then I went inside to finish as many miles as possible before having to go in for dinner.

I now have an even better runner's tan. I'm quite proud of it. In other news, my niece is crawling. How did this happen?!?

Tomorrow is Monday, once again. They always seem to come so fast!

Has time been passing way too quickly for your liking lately?


  1. Yes time has been passing by fast! I can't believe it is April! I just hope April - August goes slow! I want the warmth!!!!

    Girl - you are gorgeous!!!! :)
    I wish it was 65 degrees here!
    YAY for some of your classes being over with - YOU ARE ALMOST DONE!!!!!! :)

  2. I LOVE brussels sprouts so that plate of food looks like perfection to me!

  3. We actually had a warm weather day where near your temperatures though...:) You must be so relieved that your classes are winding down!

    And yes, time IS flying by!

  4. Hehe, 65 is too chilly for the beach for me!! I love that it's sunning weather for you :o)

  5. No no I love when time passes quickly... unless it is summer. :)

  6. Time is going way too fast! We're on spring break this week, and then we're back in school for all of one month before we're out for the summer. Insane. Also, angry runs are the best for going fast and feeling better.

  7. Time is FLYING! We are almost done with our school year and my kiddos will be leaving for middle school. :(
    I'm loving the sunlight though!! Bring on summer :)