Thursday, April 3, 2014


Here in California, we have something called an emergency credential. Basically, you have to pass the California Basic Educational Skills Test and pay $75 and you can sub in any classroom as a teacher for up to 30 days in one year.

I decided to get my emergency credential at the end of last year when I was laid off and began subbing as an aide again. Teacher subs get paid quite a bit more and it worked out in my favor. Now that I'm in the credential program and I have the emergency one, I am able to sub for my mentor teachers.  On Monday, I went on a mad dash around town running errands to get out on the district's sub list. About two hours later, I was ready to sub on Wednesday.

My mentor was there for half of the day, but left me to take over 4th-6th period. Fourth period was super difficult. 

That's right, it was a prep period. I spent that hour preparing for the Reading Instruction Competence Assessment that I will be taking on the 21st. Then lunch happened and then 5th period.  This was my first time ever by myself in a classroom full of students (who do not have severe disabilities). I felt like a real teacher and it was wonderful. The kids were so well behaved and know that I don't put up with any crap that they may try to give me.

It was a great day and really great experience. I am loving middle school. I thought I would hate it, but I am quickly wondering if that's where I am supposed to be if I don't get a Special Day Class position. As long as I don't have to teach math. Anything above addition is a bit difficult for me. ;-)

Teachers, did you have to sub before you got hired?


  1. I remember when I was first alone with students. It was during my solo week as a student teacher and I was scared but I loved that class so much that it became so comfortable. I knew that I was suppose to be a teacher. When I first subbed, I learned right away that I can't let kids walk all over me, because they will try - especially a certain school district that I am in. The students always get so excited to have me as a sub but when I won't let them do what they want, they get pissed at me! Oh well :)
    I started subbing while I was getting my master's degree. Luckily, in NYS when you sub it counts towards your professional certification. However, I hope that I do NOT have to sub next year and that I am calling subs :)

    You are an awesome teacher! I hope you find your classroom this year !!!!

  2. That's awesome you can be alone now with your emergency cert. My first time alone with students was my very first day of subbing... in a 2nd grade classroom. The youngest I had taught in student teaching was 5th grade. The teacher left me plans that said for the first half hour do "opening activities". But she didn't list the activities!!! Luckily, 2nd graders are know it alls and they pretty much ran the classroom that day. Boy was it terrifying, though. I subbed at all different grade levels and all different subjects for about two and a half months. Then I got emergency certified in English so I could long term sub 8th grade for the rest of the year. I had no clue what I was doing but somehow I did it. Luckily, the next school year, I got a job teaching music- what I am ACTUALLY certified in. I had no clue how to teach until I was actually alone and had a classroom to myself. Even then, it took me a few years to actually feel like I knew what I was doing. Wow, what a trip back memory lane you gave me! I am currently in my ninth year of teaching. Time sure does fly.

  3. I'm glad you're subbing!! It's a great way to test out the different age groups. Middle school definitely has its positive moments.

  4. Oh I can remember that feeling of being in the classroom for the first time as The Teacher. :) That is so awesome for your!

    I subbed for a short while before I got a term position. That's usually how things work in Newfoundland and Nova Scotia, both places where I lived.

  5. Does every high school classroom look exactly the same? Seriously, that picture could have been taken from my desk, except my document camera is black, not silver. Ha. I got my sub license when I was student teaching, because my mentor teacher and I thought it was dumb that the district would pay a sub to sit in the back and read a book while I taught all day. It worked well, because then my mentor teacher would take personal days just so I could earn a few bucks. She was awesome.