Friday, February 21, 2014

Where Did My Mojo Go?

Some how, I have lost my blogging mojo. This vacation has totally thrown off my schedule and I think my blogging spirit is on vacation right along with me. I honestly have forgotten what day it is about 85 times this week. I've really enjoyed getting to the gym and any time of the day and having nothing planned. Yesterday I did sprints. Really fast, really hard.

Then I obviously enjoy pain, so I did leg day. I took a long time between sets, let's just put it that way. The guy at the front desk said as I was leaving, "Wow, how long were you here? Three hours?" Well, no, but I did move a little slower after those sprints.

Boyfriend's dad is in town and this is my very first time meeting him. He was incredibly nice and took us (including my mom) out to dinner. I snapped this on the way down to te resturaunt. I mean, it's too ugly here.

Today, boyfriend had to go back to work. I was up a little later which meant I got to the gym a little later. I ran about 35 minutes and realized that the Crossfit-inspired circuit class was beginning. I debated going out there and then received a text my my workout partner that she was there. 

My decision was made for me. It was a workout for time. We had to partner up and do 100 reps of each move before moving on to the next. Let me tell you how much of a beast my partner is. She just had a baby and we came in second.

I finished up with a cool down to get to six miles for the day. When I got home, I was feeling rather strange and achy. I figured it was from the hard workout and I needed to eat. Well, I still felt strange after a snack and I took my temp.

For someone who runs cold and averages 96.6 for her temperature, this is pretty high. This is also the weirdest thing because I have no other sickness symptoms. Just extremely tired. I took it 4 times over and hour and it hasn't gone down. If you need me, I will be on the couch for the rest of the evening. Luckily I have this guy to keep me company.

Have you ever had a fever with no other symptoms?


  1. Aww rest up! Maybe take it a little easy tomorrow. I'm sure that gorgeous pup will nurse you pack to health! When I have a fever I am usually tired with a headache.

  2. When I went to the doctor on Halloween for a fever with a sore throat I discovered I had Strep. :( I know you don't have other symptoms, but he said something that I held onto. He said a fever means 'infection.' So maybe you are developing some sort of infection in your body (ear, sinus, etc.). Everyone in my neck of the woods seems to be sick right now. Feel better and rest up! :)

  3. Love - I hope you feel better soon!!!!!!! I hate to see people sick!!!!!
    It's okay that you lost your blogging mojo for the moment - sometimes we all need to take breaks. Life gets too busy and we have to focus on ourselves and our health.
    Glad you are enjoying your week off!

  4. Weird that you have no other symptoms. I hope it stays that way. Good job on the beastly workouts!

  5. I've been in a slump too. Maybe it's just that time of year for bloggers (and teachers).

  6. Sorry you don't feel good! I realized today that I've definitely got a head cold (I was hoping I was just tired or a little hungover yesterday, but it's getting worse). I've seen at least one other blogger sick. Must be in the water ;)
    I hope you feel better soon. Don't worry about your blogging mojo, it'll find its way back. I wasn't feeling it recently and just took a day or two off here and there. It throws off the schedule, but sometimes the breaks help to rejuvenate me (maybe it's the "absence make the heart grow stronger" thing?)