Sunday, February 9, 2014


I really love Cori's confession posts.  I've always wanted to link up, but have always been to busy or have completely forgotten to do one of my own.  So, if I knew how to link up, I totally would do that, but I don't, so I am just giving her credit and hoping for the best.  Here are my confessions.

Confession...  I ran 12 miles today.  On my dad's treadmill.  For no reason other than I just really wanted to run a lot.

Confession...  I knocked the emergency switch thingy off about 18 minutes in.  Being terrible at math while running long distances, I waited 18 minutes and snapped a picture of how many miles I had gone already because I am trying to track all of my miles for 2014 and I knew I had already run over two miles.

Confession...  I have a nut butter obsession.  It began a few weeks ago when I was in Oregon and made the best decision ever to put almond butter in my yogurt.  I dreamed about it ever since.  I have been putting nut butter of some sort in my yogurt each morning and while I was running today, all I could think about was a peanut butter/banana smoothie.  So, I immediately made myself one when I was finished running.

Confession... The reason I ran on the treadmill and not outside is because it was pouring down rain.  I am a really big baby when it comes to weather and I would not have been able to force myself to run in the rain for almost 2 hours.  So I didn't.  I feel like less of a runner when I don't brave the weather, but I know I shouldn't.  This is what it looked like.  Of course, as soon as I was done running, the rain stopped.

Confession...  I sat in a coffee shop for three hours yesterday with one of my very favorite people doing homework.  This is quickly becoming one of my very favorite parts of Saturday.

Confession... I had grand plans of doing nothing but laying in bed and watching Netflix the rest of the evening on Saturday.  When I got home, I sat down and started doing more homework instead.  I don't know what's wrong with me.  But it felt good to be productive.

Confession... The coffee shop we go to is literally one block away from the hospital.  Boyfriend blazed past in the ambulance with the sirens blaring about 4 times.  Each time, my heart would beat a little faster and I would get really excited and point.  There's nothing that is much sexier than watching your boyfriend zoom off to save someone's life.

Confession... Milo came home on Friday because his dad went to Florida.  I have been forcing him to love me and making him sleep in my bed with me.  He usually sleeps in the living room by himself because he's getting old and grouchy, but I missed him so much, I am forcing him to spend time with his mom.

Confession...  Since I am such an introvert, I often feel like a really big loser.  Both Friday and Saturday nights I was in bed at 7:30 and asleep by 9:30.  Boyfriend was at work and I was alone in my room, getting Snapchats from friends who were out at the bars.  Then I remembered that I would be out at the bars wishing I was in bed, and I felt okay again.  I also found this, and it cracked me up, because it's totally me.

Confession...  I actually couldn't nap all day, but I dream about it when I am exhausted in class sometimes.  When I try to lay down for a nap, I end up just laying there for 20 minutes and then decide to get up and do something productive.

What are your confessions?


  1. I was wondering what would possess you to run 12 mi on the treadmill. Relieved to see you had a legit reason! I need your homework ethic. I have studying to do but I just don't do it...I guess that is my confession! ps. You have really nice handwriting. :)

  2. Love this post! I also love Cori's confessions...they are pretty awesome!
    Saturday night Gunshow and I went out with our friends to midnight bowl. We were so tired. While we were driving there he said "Is it sad that we are 25/26 years old and all I want to do on a Saturday night is watch Netflix and cuddle on the couch?" Nope not sad at all! :)

  3. I LOVE those runs that just take over. Like, 12 miles just because? Go YOU!

  4. One of my journalism students wrote an opinion piece on Valentine's Day for our school newspaper. She said something about how people don't just want to stay home in their sweats watching Netflix on V-Day, and I thought, "But that's exactly what I want to do!" Ha. Old introvert over here. :) You have very nice handwriting. My college notes never looked like that. Heck, my notes still don't look like that.