Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Rest of the Visit

Here's another picture from our mini hike on Sunday. The view was just too much beautiful to not share.

Yesterday began at the bagel shop again. I opted for breakfast at home. There's only so much eating out I can do before I get tired of it and want to eat my own food. We spent the day in my college town before heading back so that I could meet up with my former mentor teacher and the ladies. When I got back, I took my soul mate's husband for a run.

I took him down to the local trail that I absolutely refuse to run on alone. It's not safe. On the way back there is a massive hill. We went from running 7 minute miles to an almost 9 minute mile really quickly. I was shaking when we got home and luckily we had this colorful dinner ready for us.

We finished the night with fruit salad and games.

When I finally made it into bed, I found a belated Valentine's gift from the boyfriend (who had also bought me a new purse earlier in the day).

He's the sweetest. I can't wait for my back rubs when he gets home from work on Thursday! We were all tired and passed out early.

Unfortunately, we had to say goodbye this morning. We finished the trip the way it began, at the bagel shop. Then I headed to the gym.

The rest of my day was uneventful, just how I like it. This introvert needs some alone time.

Do you have a favorite breakfast place?


  1. What a sweet gift! And a sweet doggie :) That café food looks awesome.

    P.S. You're super fast!

  2. What a gorgeous view!!! That's a really sweet coupon. Matt and I have made coupons for each other before, but we always forget to use them! Which is too bad, because they give us veto power over TV shows, among other things haha.

  3. What game is that? I don't think I ever saw a card game like that before.

  4. What a sweet gift from the boyfriend!!! :)
    I do have a very breakfast place and when you come to NY, we are going! :) It's a waffle place!

  5. I love that your boyfriend specified that you can't use your punch card during games. :) There was a bagel shop we went to all the time in college... it was so good. Now I want to go visit just for a bagel.