Tuesday, September 2, 2014


How is it already the 9th month of the year?!? Do we really only have three months left of 2014? I feel like it was just fall an hour ago and now here we are again. My Monday off was great! It started with a trip to the zoo. I don't even remember the last time I went to our zoo. I run by it a lot and drive past it daily, but I never go in. Now we have a child to take with us, so it's a little more appropriate.

It was my beother's last day in town, so I met up with him and my mom for some lunch. This was my brother's fortune. I immediately texted it to my music teacher friend because a few weeks ago, he was practicing the violin on the beach to brush up his skills. (He had only played the violin once for 30 minutes back in college).

I had planned on getting some lifting done in the gym, but when I got there, all of the employees were leaving. They close early on holidays and I completely forgot. That meant I was forced to run in the beautiful sunshine.

September and October are usually our most beautiful months, but it has been gorgeous outside for about a year and a half now. We need rain in a bad way. Apparently my body wanted to run fast.

Today, we had a staff meeting after work. By the time I got to the gym, I was more
Than ready to be outside. I tackled some hills around the gym neighborhood and I felt really strong.

Please notice my yellow shirt. The top of my pants are also yellow. I always feel like my life is put together when my gym clothes actually match! So far, September has been pretty okay.

Who else thinks this year has gone by too fast?


  1. This year has gone by super fast, however I feel like it's been forever since we had fall weather! It's been so hot here. I'm ready for a change! oh and Halloween!

  2. I can not believe that it is September either! Where has the year gone!?!?!?!