Sunday, September 7, 2014

Another Race

Since joining the running club, I have quite a few free races on my calendar. At least once a month. Today was one of those days. I actually wasn't sure if I was going to do the 5k or the 10k until I got there, as I had never raced either one of those distances. Saturday night, I spent at a friend's house. A tragedy occurred.

That's right. Cookies were burned. A couple were able to be salvaged. Then we played the violin for an hour as a way to unwind. Little known fact: I played the violin for 5 years growing up. I hadn't picked one up since I was 13, so I sounded exactly like a 13-year-old violinist. I am sure my friend's roommates were thrilled.

The race start was 9:30am and it was only about a 10 minute drive from where I was. I didn't have to wake up extremely early, which is always a plus. Of course, when I got there, I signed up for the 10k.

My friend and I did a mile warm up before I had to use the bathroom. The race started and I went out fast, as usual. My first two miles were under 7 minutes. I was trying to keep up with the woman in front of me. It was an out and back with a massive hill at mile 3.2. I was an idiot and did leg day on Friday. I hadn't lifted legs for two weeks and I have a major case of DOMS. Like, can't sit on the toilet without cringing major. So, I lost the woman ahead of me at the hill because my quads were screaming. I was in major pain the last mile. Obviously.

I came in as second woman and 10th overall. I was only behind the first woman by 27 seconds! And, because it was my first 10k, it was an automatic PR.

I spent the rest of the afternoon going to Costco because I hadn't been there in weeks and my food supply was running low. I ran into some really cute kid in the check out line.

My legs were absolutely dead by the time I got home, so I spent a good hour and a half laying in bed compressing and writing in my real journal. 

Then it was family dinner as usual. Now I am exhausted and about to head to an early bedtime. It was a great race!

Do you write in a personal journal as well?


  1. Great job on your race! I can't believe with how much you run that was your first 10k!

  2. Goodness You've gotten so speedy!!!! Congrats on the race! Free is always awesome. those babies add up so quick! I love me some burnt cookies. My mom used to burn a batch just for me. :)
    Ashley @

  3. Congrats on an awesome 10k!!! That is my goal pace for my 10k! Do you do speed training?

  4. Damn, girl, that's fast! And on legs with DOMS! Great job!

  5. WOW congrats on such a wonderful race!!

  6. So yeah, it's me that's slowly making it through your blog, clicking on case you were wondering. I just stopped in on this post to say that I didn't decide which distance to run until I got to the race either. The 10K line just happened to be shorter so I went with it. 45:00 is so fast for that course.