Sunday, May 25, 2014

Soul Cleansing

I didn't realize how much I needed some soul cleansing until I have started turning off technology and started living. As I stated in my last post, stuff has been going on. Keeping busy is one of the best ways of dealing with it. I also have realized that I can get sucked into the virtual world and that makes me feel kind of upset with myself sometimes. That said, I have been really enjoying on being attached to social media.

Friday night was a night of Phò and ended with a bon fire. It was a lovely night all around. Saturday morning kicked off Memorial Day Weekend. It is a tradition here to have something called the Kinetic Sculpture Race. It's super goofy and bizarre, but it's so normal to me that it cracks me up when out-of-towners don't understand it. 

Saturday was the start of the race. Kinetic Sculptures are literally pieces of art on bikes. They also have to be able to float because they go in the bay and across a river. They race from the plaza in my college town and end up in the town where my theater is, about 20 miles. It literally lasts 3 days. Everyone has such a great time.

I usually just go to the plaza and check out the sculptures. Then I forget about it for the rest of the weekend while I go camping. This year, however, I didn't go camping. So, my friends and I followed them to the beach.

We parked it on the beach for a good two hours. It was a beautiful day and the beach is incredibly soul cleansing for me.

Then, we went disc golfing. I am a terrible disc golfer, but I love it for the nature and the walk. Especially with views like this.

The day ended at the beach again. We watched the sunset and it was one of the most beautiful I've seen in a very long time. It made me feel very at peace with myself and life in general.

Today, my friend and I ended up at the water launch of the race. Once again, this was a first for me.

Apparently I got a picture of an old man picking his nose too. Almost as good as the sculptures.  We hung out for about a half an hour before I headed to my most favorite, most soul cleansing place on earth: the river.

Summer truly begins with my first trip to the river. It is honestly my favorite place to spend the day. I took a 45 minute nap in the sun before heading into the water.

This little one is growing up on the river just like her mom and aunt did.

What we thought was going to be a picture of our 15th year at the river together turned into a Maxim photo shoot.

Luckily, we did end up with a cute one too. Not that he's not cute......? My friend is marrying him in less than 30 days!

My day ended with a run outside. Yet another soul cleansing activity. Tomorrow I am hoping to get a hike in or maybe more river time. I hope everyone has been enjoying their days to the fullest!!!

What cleanses your soul?


  1. I'm so happy for you!!!! Keep doing you!!! You are amazing and you look amazing!! Muahhhh!

  2. I am laughing so hard at the dude in the red shorts... he looks like lots of fun!!!!

  3. I'm glad you took some time for yourself. I hope things are calming down on your end!