Wednesday, December 24, 2014

27 Trips Around the Sun

Yesterday, I turned 27.  I've been having a bit of a quarter-life crisis lately because I still feel like I should be 17 and in high school.  Except that was 10 years ago.  I'm a teacher now, in charge of my own classroom and helping young kids' minds.  I'm a full-fledged adult, but I really don't feel like one.  Turning 27 wasn't even on my radar this year.  I still feel as though it should be July or something.  My birthday was fabulous anyway!  Warning: This post is very picture heavy!

My day started off with brunch with my mom, grandma (who is in town for Christmas this year!), and brother.  It was nice and quiet with just the four of us, just the way I wanted it.

I had an egg white omelette with potatoes and applesauce.  I'm slightly obsessed with applesauce, so this made my morning.

The breakfast fueled me through a nice hour-long run that afternoon.  This was one of those runs where it did not feel as though I was putting any effort into it.  

Milo posed for a birthday picture with me, even though he really didn't want to.  The rain even held off for me!  There have been a lot of rainy runs lately, but there will be another post on that later.

I spent the rest of the afternoon doing absolutely nothing.  I was really tempted to go to my party in this outfit.

Then it was time to get ready for my annual sushi party.  This was the sixth year in a row and every year it somehow gets better and better.

My brother is in charge of decorating every year and, of course, he did not disappoint this year.  Even though I gave him my cold and he's not very happy with me.  My sash says "Twenty-one + six."

I actually made a roll this year.  I don't usually get around to actually eating sushi because I am so busy with everything else around me.

Then, my amazing friends began showing up.

My brother-in-law.

The paraprofessionals in my classroom who keep me sane.

One of my very best friends from elementary school.

Sister and best friend.

Theater friend.  This is the most normal picture we've ever taken together.

I don't know how I survived 25 1/2 years without my two soul sisters.

Mom and grandma!

Three best friends from high school, plus the newest addition.

So much photobombing!

All of the kids I've known since they were in diapers.

My dad gave his speech, of course.  He gives a speech at every single event we have.  I can bet money that there will be a Christmas speech tomorrow night.

This is the typical reaction to his speeches.

Just kidding, Dad!  We love your speeches.

And of course, the birthday song.  I HATE the birthday song.

I don't eat gluten, so I had a mini gluten-free torte on top.

The evening was amazing!  I am incredibly blessed and have the best friends and family on the entire planet.  I guess all of that cake last night went straight to my behind, because I broke a chair this morning.

It was yet another very, very successful birthday.  Now for Christmas Eve festivities.  December 23-25 is always a whirlwind around these parts.  I will leave you with a video from last night.  This is my very best friend and we are planning on being YouTube sensations and going on tour.  ;-)

Happy Holidays!  I hope everyone enjoys their winter break!!


  1. Happy Belated Birthday!!!! It looks like you had such a fun party :)

  2. Happy belated birthday!! I'm a little jealous of all the fun you had. I never do big things for my bday anymore and I miss it!

  3. This part almost make milk squirt from my nose: "I guess all of that cake last night went straight to my behind, because I broke a chair this morning." Happy Birthday! P.S- Don't get any older for a couple of years, don't need you and your fasty pants in my circuit age group again ;)

  4. Happy Birthday!!!! (Better late than never, right?) P.S. Your legs are freaking amazing. Just thought you should know.